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The New Ride

Long live the Orange E and welcome the Black E….Well today I said goodbye to my 2003 Honda Element, we bought it back in 2004 with 45,000 miles and traded it in with 154,000 miles. I wasn’t planning on trading it in, but after the Hilton Head vacation saturday we were at the Mall of Georgia Honda picking up a replacement panel for it and I told Anna why don’t we test drive a new one for the fun of it. Well, that test drive turned into getting my car appraised at $3500 and me fighting not taking on a $380 monthly payment. On the way home from the dealership I told Anna that if I could find a good used car I would be open to the idea of getting a new car. On Sunday morning I was looking on Autotrader and sure enough at Hennessy Honda in Woodstock I found the exact same car I looked at the day before. A 2010 Honda Element EX 2wd Black with only 3720 miles and $18891. That was over $5ooo cheaper than the brand new ones. So I called the dealership and got everything set up to go look at on monday. I’ve learned in the past to detail all my trade-ins before the dealership sees it. So I worked my butt of on Sunday to get my orange Element in good shape. Monday came and Anna and I loaded up and headed to Woodstock, we took the new one for a little test drive knowing good and well that we were going to love it. So the big moment came for the trade-in appraisal and my plan paid off I got $4500 for my trade in. So we worked on the final price and came to a deal, unfortunately I had to go to work, so I told them I would come by and pick it up today. Anna and I went out there signed the papers and drove the new ride home and it was a blast. I absolutely love it!!! Once I got off work tonight, I put on the Yakima roof rack and I’ve already started pricing a 2″ trailer hitch for my bike rack. This is absolutely crazy that I have a new car I just cant believe it. If you ever are looking for a good vehicle that can do about anything look into a Honda Element. They are great cars, my last one ran with very little problems and got 21 miles to the gallon. I’ll post pics as soon as I get my hitch put on and with the Bike rack attached.


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