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the cooler is packed…

Got the cooler packed and ready for a trip to settles bridge after work today.<div class=”wp-caption alignnone” style=”width: 1034px”built in cooler in the element

built in cooler in the element

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Got off work today around 12:00 and headed straight to Settles Bridge, apparently Monday’s are the day to come due to nobody being there which is always great. Got all suited up and started walking down to my normal honey hole on the way there I spotted a few trout stacked up behind a log, thought I would give them a try and first cast I got hung up which got them scattered. I think next time I’ll try a non weighted nymph. Anyways got down to my honey hole to only see stained water from this weekends rain. Anything over 2′ deep and you couldn’t see much. So I had a copper john tied on and started hitting the usual places with no luck. Then I tossed a cast a little farther out but it got my fly between a good rock shelf and another large rock. Sure enough I dug a good rainbow out of it. A few minutes later I saw a riser on the rock shelf, so I tied on a madame x and got the cast right where I wanted it, watched the trout come up and sip the fly only for me to get to impatient and pull the fly right away from him. Shot another cast in the same area and nothing. So I decided to switch flies again, this time to a Parachute Humpy, tried the same spot with nothing. I saw another riser a little farther out and shot my line out to it and hooked up. This time it was a good size brown trout, which is what I love going to Settles Bridge for. I played around for a little more, but decided to start heading up stream to see if I could find anymore good looking holes. Caught 1 more brown on a BH prince nymph and missed 2 more in the slowest moving hole I’ve seen. It was a strange sight they were stacked up in this hole but it was so slow moving that they got a good look at anything before they ate it. All in all though it was a great trip, 3 fish to hand, a few misses and a couple of new holes discovered.

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  1. Scotty

    I like the pictures keep up the good work.

    August 30, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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