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Settles Bridge and Buford Dam 8.29.2010

Got to head out to Settles Bridge and Buford Dam yesterday. First off I hit Settles Bridge to hit some of the new holes that I found earlier in the week. I started off with a Yellow PMX and missed a good fish but after that all the fish scattered. So I moved down stream with no success, until I got to my honey hole and finally started hooking up. I started with a Tungsten Head Pheasant Tail with a red SJW. I ended up catching 8, 2 getting off and missing a few more. I decided to try some of my newer holes on the way out and ended up catching 1 more brown and 1 rainbow. I got the brown on size 18 stimmie then I got the rainbow on a yellow PMX. It was definitely a hard catch, overhanging trees a close bank and very slow moving water. If you cast to far a head of the fish, they scattered, if it was right behind the fish they paid no attention. Thankfully though I got one right on top of this fish and was rewarded. After that fish, I headed up to Buford Dam. I haven’t been up there in a few months and have been reading about it being on fire. I got up there and suited up and hit the river. I found SlowStreamer from NGTO out there and he was telling me it was a slow day. As he was telling me this he caught a fish, and before I could get to the hole I wanted to fish he caught another one. Not to be out done, I hooked up with a rainbow on size 18 zebra midge. I had another one come up and hit my Yellow PMX but I got to excited and missed. I ended up catching another rainbow out of this hole on the zebra midge. SlowStreamer and I slowly worked our way downstream with no fish. About 5pm I started moving back up stream and caught another rainbow on an EHC. So all in all a good day 13 fish to hand, 2 LDRs, and missed 3.

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