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Today’s Lesson Learned…

So I learned a great lesson today…If you have a net in your car, put it in your vest when you go fishing. Here’s the background story…

Yesterday, I got to go to Jones Bridge and do some fishing and let me tell you if your wading get ready for some tough wading about every other step you sank in about 6-12″ of mud and you could really only fish from the bank. Thankfully I took my switch rod which can throw a mean roll cast. Now with this being the first time fishing out there I didn’t know of any holes. After a good hour and half of fishing with nothing to show for it I finally find some good water. I ended up missing one and hooking up with another but it got off about 10′ from me. So at least there was no skunk. After that I went back to the car, grabbed some lunch for Anna while she was at work and headed to Abbotts bridge. Again Abbotts and Jones Bridge was the same deep mud and tight banks. After a good hour of fishing I finally started getting into some fish, I ended up catching 3 fish, 2 bows and a brown. I was only able to get a pic of the bow, but it was definitely a fun day of fishing with my switch rod.

Today after helping Anna with a photo shoot, I got to hit Buford dam, after getting suited up I saw Sam from NGTO, he was on the way out and said that he caught 12 and things were starting to heat up. I started throwing a soft hackle with no luck, so I switched it up to a copper john with a zebra midge dropper. Here is where the lesson comes in, I saw some risers and throw a good long cast and sure enough the indicator disappears. I saw the flash of this fish and it had to be 18-20″. After a good fight and a couple of runs, I get this monster rainbow up to me, I grab the leader and should have  a net, but like an idiot don’t; wouldn’t you know it this fish gets off. I was some mad I couldn’t believe it. This would have easily been the biggest trout on a fly rod. So I pull it back together and end up brining 2 more bows to hand. I started working my way down to Bowman’s Island and caught another bow. Got to the Island and saw some risers, so I tied on an Orange PMX and ended up missing 2, then caught 2 browns and a bow on it. Once the strikes on that ended up, I tied on a green copper john and caught 2 browns and 2 bows. I started working my way back upstream and caught another little brown but pretty coloring. So all in all a good day of fishing, but still sick that I didn’t land that bow. Oh well, he’ll get bigger for the next time out.

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