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Recent fly tying…

hit the vice the past few nights…Here are some of the recent patterns I’ve been tying up. First is a Double Humpy, I tried this pattern for the weekly fly tying contest over at NGTO(tell them orange_spokes sent you). If you’ve never been on this site and you fish for trout in GA you need to. It’s a great group of guys and gals that share all kinds of knowledge, fishing reports and fun of trout fishing. Second I have one of the best patterns for fishing over at Buford Dam, the Zebra midge. This a very easy pattern to tie, but catches fish everywhere. Lastly one of my newest and favorite patterns the PMX(parachute madame x), I found this over at Bass Pro and decided to tie some up.

Double Humpy

hook -12

thread – red

tail – mule deer

body – red thread w/ mule deer

wing -mule deer

hackle – silver

Zebra Midge

hook -size 18 curve shank

thread – black

body – black thread

rib – gold ultrawire

thorax – black ice dubbing

bead – black

Orange PMX

hook – size 10 curve shank

thread – red

tail – mule deer

body – yellow foam wrapped in orange floss

wing – mule deer

upper body – green ice dubbing

hackle – silver


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