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Breaking in the new wading boots…

This past week saw me turning 28 and to celebrate I went and got some new wading boots. My previous pair were some Bass Pro Shops Felt Boots, and granted these were the cheap velcro boots, they lasted me a good 3 years and started to fall apart. For anybody getting into fly fishing I would recommend them to anybody. Since these were coming apart literally at the seams I decided to upgrade. After many days of shopping around, reading reviews and getting advice I decided on the Korker Guide Boots. If you’ve never heard of Korkers, there main design is the fact that you can switch out the soles on the boots. I on my particular pair I got the felt and the Kling-on rubber soles. Another good design on these boots is the BOA lace system, this system consist of wire laces with a knob you turn to tighted and loosen the boots. This comes in exceptionally handy when on the water you can tighten your boots with one hand.

So for the report, I went down to Buford Dam early in the morning. It started out very slow with no hits, very few risers and nice big skunk. I worked my way down to Bowman’s Island and finally started getting into some fish. I picked up 2 on Orange Depth Charge SH, and missed 2 more. Then I tied on my yellow PMX and brought another one to hand and another one come off. I started working my way back seeing Magogo from NGTO. I chatted with him for a while and and kept moving up stream with no more action. As for a review on the boots, so far I love them. They have good grip and they are ultra light. I’ll keep you posted on how I like these boots.

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