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My Mountain bike

Today, I got up for a quick ride of at the Gainesville College Trails in Oakwood. If your just starting out or like myself trying to get back in shape its a great trail to ride. The topography of the trail isn’t too bad with hills, but can still be very challenging technically. Thankfully we had a good dry spell recently and the trails have been good a dry, when we have rain that trail takes a good week or so to dry up completely. While I was riding I had the idea of showing yall what I ride; When I started riding 10 years ago I was riding a Gary Fisher Marlin hard tail which saw many changes but was a great bike and I still have the frame waiting to be rebuilt again. After a 4 year hiatus from biking due to a concussion, I got back into riding due to some good advice from Anna. She also said that I should look for a full Suspension bike since I’ve ridden nothing but a hardtail the whole time. So I search high and low for a good deal and one night I found a 1992 Jamis Dakar Team frame on Craigslist. I contacted the seller and $150.00 later I had a new(to me at least) bike frame. The previous owner had the frame stripped down the the bare aluminum and switched the rear shock to Cane Creek Cloud 9 Air Shock. When I got it home I started switching over all the components I could; RockShox Duke Air Fork, Sun Wheels w/ WTB hubs, Bontrager CrowBar handle bars, Crank Bros Mallet pedals. If you notice in the pictures I run a 1×8 drivetrain, meaning I have one gear in the front and 8 in the rear. I did this mainly due to, if I can ride without the granny gear I’ll get stronger and I never ride with the large chainring. Ultimately it just simplifies the drivetrain and is less maintenance. Now this bike is definitely no show or race bike and could be upgraded to newer and better stuff, but for the riding I do it gets the job done.

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