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Another one finished…

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After finishing my last fiberglass rod, I noticed that Howard from Fiberglass FlyRodders sent me enough pieces to do another one. This time its a Wright and McGill Trailmaster 6’9″ 7wt 5 piece. This is definitely an excellent pack rod and it was originally built as a spin/fly combo rod. You can pull the grip off and flip it around to use as a spin rod if needed.  When I first started on this rod I was using a royal blue wrapping thread and I told Anna that there was a good chance that I was going to run out of thread. Sure enough I did, so instead of waiting on ordering another spool I went to Micheals and picked another color. I decided on a blue purple polyester thread, whichever came out pretty good next time I would like to use an alcohol lamp to burn some of the fuzz off the thread.  Also on this rod, I put a hook inlay near the hook keeper and a little further up the rod I put a feather inlay using black and white grizzly. Here are some pics I got with my cell on the way out the door this morning. Ill try and get better pics later tonight.


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