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Settles Bridge 10.03.2010

Hit Settles bridge with my buddy Craig this morning, we’ve been trying to get a fishing trip together for a few months recently. We got out there around 10:15am and got suited up, I took my 6’9″ 7wt glass rod today to run it through its paces. Also today I decided to try the Korkers Kling-On sticky rubber outsoles, they worked good but are definitely not felt. I would say for your normal everyday stream it would be fine, but if there is a chance that there is slick rocks go with felt or studs. Back to the report, we started at this first hole that I normally see fishing all over the place, but with the sun still behind the trees you couldn’t see anything. I started with a new hopper pattern I’ve been working on with no success. So I switched up to an orange Depth charge and hooked up with something to only have it get off on me. That was it for a good hour or so, we both worked our way downstream and I got to my honey hole and finally started hooking up. I ended up catching 2 on the Depth Charge only bringing 1 to hand. I switched up and missed a good one on a size 18 Stimmie, then I switched to a Yellow Humpy and caught 2, a bow and brown. Then it died off again, Craig brought 1 to hand on a size 14 BH Prince Nymph and was missing a bunch. After a while and an unfortunate dip in the water for me, we decided to go above the bridge. Craig headed out around 1:15pm, and stayed for a little longer I ended up missing 1 and bringing 2 more browns to hand. So all in all a good day of fishing and great to see a good friend.

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