Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

Settles Bridge 10.8.2010

Got to wet a line this morning, with my buddy Sam from NGTO. We had the intentions of fishing Buford Dam, but due to road work they had the park shut down so plan B kicked in and we went to Settles. We got out on the water around 9:00am and fishing was a little slow; I finally started picking up fish on a Orange Depth Charge so got the skunk off. I then tried a PMX with a emerger pattern I’m working on with nothing.  I lost the setup to a tree and switched back to the Depth Charge and added a red SJW for a dropper. I picked up 2 more browns, one good around 12″ or so. Around 11am I started making my way back to the car trying some holes that have produced some fish recently with no luck. Then I decided to put my 7’6″ 7wt Glass rod to the test and decided to  see how far it would roll cast out there and was getting some good distance. It was probably a combination of the rod and the 5wt PowerTaper Line that was giving me the distance, but I did end up picking two more browns on the Depth Charge. So for just over 2 hours of fishing I was happy with the 5 fish I caught, I still think that Trout don’t wake up until 10 or 11am. It was good to get out fishing before work though.

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