Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

Bows and Brookie

I headed up to the moutains yesterday for a little hiking and fishing. I went to the stream where I caught my first Brookie with hopes for more, I got to the parking lot around 1:00pm and started hiking. Once I got to the first hole sure enough on my first cast I caught a nice feisty rainbow. Sorry for the picture quality still having trouble with the lighting. I kept hiking and started fishing a madame x and pulled probably 10 red tailed minnows, this hopper was almost the same size as these minnows but they were tearing it up. I caught another rainbow in another hole and finally in the last hole I hooked up with a 4″ brook trout. This thing was full of color, but was quick to leave before I could get a good pic. I ended up hiking my way back to the car with no more fish. Next I made my way to Dahlonega and fished another stream and caught 1 more bow on my king nymph.

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