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Gale Force Winds???

They don’t mean anything…I hit the Dam this morning with the weather not going above 40 degrees and winds over 15 mph. I layered up and I rigged my 7’6″ 7wt rod with a power forward taper floating line. The line doesn’t do good with any cast 10-15′ out, but anything past that its golden. When I got to the river it was still pea green from this years Lake turnover, which made visibility maybe 1′ deep with the sun out. I started out throwing a green king nymph and chartreuse zebra midge with absolutely no luck. The only activity I saw for the first 2 hours was one strike on my indicator and that was it. I made it down to Bowman’s Island working a spot that was very good to me this year and saw 3 risers and I threw everything I knew at them with no luck. I finally tied on a size 16 Chartreuse Depth Charge SH and had a LDR. I ended up moving to the other side of the Island and started working my way up and I picked up two browns on a orange Depth Charge SH. So all in all I had 2 hand, 1 LDR and 2 strikes at my indicator. The best thing was just getting out and fishing for awhile.

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