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Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas finally has come and gone and it was a blast of a weekend. It started off by getting off work early on Friday and going to do a little fishing, I was going to go to Buford Dam, but unfortunately it was closed so I went to Settles Bridge. Lake Lanier has finally finished turning over so the water was back to its good clear self, I got to the river around 230pm and I saw a good bit of risers and a midge hatch going. I thought for sure its a going to be big a numbers day, but unfortunately all the risers were on the other side of the river that I couldn’t get it. I threw everything I could at them and couldn’t buy a bite. I finally landed one on an Orange Depth Charge and another on a flashback hare’s Ear variation. On my way out I saw Wet Fly from NGTO, he was fishing above the bridge and said he caught a good bit on a size 22 Bowman’s Gnat(note to self tie up some Bowman’s Gnats). Even though I didn’t catch much it was great to get out there.  On Saturday Christmas came, and Anna and I headed up to my folks house in Dahlonega. We opened up all of our gifts and ate a good lunch and recieved one of the best gifts of the year SNOW. Now for those of you not from GA, its been well over 100 years since our last White Christmas here. So it was a blast getting to share this wonderful surprise with Anna; After my parents house, we headed back to Flowery Branch and did Christmas with Anna’s family and then finally headed back to our house for our Christmas. After all the gifts were opened and enough food to last for weeks we enjoyed just watching the snow fall. After it was all said and done we had 3″ accumulated which was absolutely beautiful. Today, once the roads cleared up I went to fish Island Ford on the Chattahoochee for the first time. When I got there I met 2FlyGuy and JoeA from NGTO and we all hit the river. With 2FlyGuy being our guide he got us immediately into some fish. I hooked up with a beautiful 14″ bow and kept hooking into bows the rest of the afternoon. The fish of the day turned out to be an Island Ford Brown(carp) about 20″ that I pulled out of a run with Y2K. Once my toe’s started to lose all feeling I headed back to the car. All in all I probably brought 8 or 9 to hand, LDR 3 and missed to many to count. It was one heck of a Christmas weekend and I wish it wouldn’t end.

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