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Time to break in a new one…

For one of this year’s Christmas Gifts I got a TFO Axiom 9′ 5wt 4 piece rod; I’ve been really wanting to upgrade my 5wt, my current one is a Rainshadow 5wt that has been a great rod, but is a very slow action to it. So I wanted to get a faster action rod, the TFO fit the bill. I outfitted it with single foot chrome guides, Super Grade full wells grip and a laser engraved reel seat. I also tried something new with this rod, I used Gossamer Silk Thread in white, which when rod finish is applied without color preserver is added will turn clear. Now when working with Silk I’ve learned that you have to be very careful with getting your wraps nice and close together also you have to be careful of bubbles in finish. So on the next rod I’ll now what to look for, but all in all I’m very happy with how this rod came out. I also used Orange thread for the feather Inlay, also for the measurement band. I figured that the Hook Keeper is 12″, the inlay is 18-22″ and the measurement band is 24″.  I’ll get some better pics of it up later.

On to the report I headed out to Island Ford today and fished with Pat from NGTO, we went right to the hole we fished last time and I immediately got into to fish. I caught 1 bow on a modified Carp Crack SH and then picked up another one a pink egg. Pat picked up a great 16″ bow shortly thereafter that we got a  picture of and released. After that there was nothing going on, the bite turned completely off.  I missed 2 more, 1 on a nymph and the other on a Bowman’s Gnat. For the new rod, I was extremely impressed. This rod is very smooth and can definitely lay out the line with no issue. Even Pat, tried and said that you don’t have to try very hard to get this rod to lay out some distance. It was a great day I also got to try out some new gear I got which I will give a reviews on later this week. Check back soon.

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