Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

Buford Dam 1.21.11

I didn’t have to go into work until 1:00pm today and decided to hit the dam for a little R and R before heading in. I wanted to go to Settles today but they were releasing this morning which means that Settles isn’t any good for a few hours. With the heavy winds and only having 1 trip on the new TFO there was no doubt which rod I was going to use. It was tough fishing all day heavy winds blowing all day and it was nice and cold morning long. Thankfully my sweet wife was nice enough to buy my some Glacier Gloves with the fold over mitts, so my hands were pretty warm throughout the morning. As for the fishing it was tough, there very few risers all morning and I hit all the usual holes with no success. I finally landed 1 little bow on a Bowman’s Gnat; Finally around noon I headed back to the car and decided to call it a day, I spoke to 2 other guys fishing and they didn’t have any luck at all.


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