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Some new Flies and Fly Rod

As I mentioned in a recent post I just finished a new Fly Rod…a Temple Fork Outfitters 9′ 5wt 4 piece Axiom, I’ve been wanting a faster action 5wt since my first rod I built, a Rainshadow 9′ 5wt. The Rainshadow is a great rod but is very slow rod and can lay out a great cast but, this Axiom puts it to shame. I went with single foot guides, which I think look better aesthetically and cast better. I also upgraded the grip and used a full wells which you usually see on heavier rods. The reel seat is all metal with a laser engraved trout on it. I was a little heartbroken to find out that my usual finish Gudebrod One Part Rod Finish is no longer in production, so I ended up going with Permagloss One Part finish. I also tried something new, by using some white silk thread, which when used with out color preserver will go clear. It definitely gave the rod some bling since you can see all of the silver on the guides and folding hook keeper. I must say all this rod needs is good fly line and it will be one heck of a setup.  I also measured everything up from the bottom of the reel seat to the hook keeper which was 12″, from the start of the grizzly inlay was 16″, the end of the inlay was 20″ and then I put a measurement band at 24″ with a small orange trim band. Now all I need is a trout to go past the 24″ mark.

I’ve also been doing some tying recently, a few months ago I tied up what looked to me to be a flashback BH GRHE soft hackle. I got to thinking the other day, that that fly would look and hopefully last longer with a vinyl rib. So I tied up a few, on some I kept the rest of the fly the same, partridge tail, dubbed body (rabbit, or this time I used some Whitlock’s Dubbing), gold tinsel for the flashback and partridge for the hackle. I played around a little bit and on some I added a tri-

tail using goose biots.


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