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New Bike Bling


I got a buddy from NGTO to hook me up with some new bike bling. He works at machine shop and I sent him the design and sizing I needed. A day later he came up with my new headtube badge; I went and picked up from him, used some gorilla glue and got it attached to the Jamis. Now when he first made it was just sandblasted aluminum which looked awesome, but since my bike is raw aluminum I decided to get some model paint and paint the raised edges a glossy black. The badge looms awesome and came out better then I could have ever imagined.
Today I got to hit the trail for the first time in probably 8 mos. I called up my brother-in-law Scotty who lives right down the road from Harbins Park and wanted to see if he wanted to try a new trail. He said sure and I also got a hold of my buddy Brandon who I knew has ridden Harbins multiple times. I must say it was an awesome set of trails, lots of difficult sections, a bunch of fun table tops, burms, and a good log ride. I will say after 8 miles it kicked my butt but I had a great time.






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