Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

High Mountain Fishing

Had a chance a few chances a few weeks ago to try for my first Brookies of the year. I headed to a creek that’s been very nice to me over the years. I tried all of my usual holes without any success, to say I was getting a little worried would have been an understatement. I’ve been so buy with work lately that I don’t get to do much of anything much less go fishing. Finally I was fishing some riffles dangling a nymph and landed this nice wild bow. Now that I got the skunk off I was feeling better. When I got to the last hole I knew it was my last chance to catch a brookie, so I tried everything under the sun. I missed one on a yellow Humpy, then finally hooked into a beautiful 7″ brookie. Then karma struck, being that this was a hiking trip I didn’t bring a net so when bent over to pick it up to release it, the hook came out and he was gone. It sucked not to get a picture of it, but I’ll always remember it. All in all 1 bow and 1 brookie made for a fun trip.




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