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Dukes Creek Win!

It’s been awhile since I had a good fishing report, but I’ve got one now. After this morning’s workout at CrossFit Max Kane, I ran a few errands and headed up to Dukes Creek. Now for those of you that don’t know, Dukes Creek is a special regulation stream in North Georgia that is fly fishing only with barbless hooks. Also it only allows a certain amount of fisherman on the stream each day and you can only fish it on Wed, Sat and Sun. And with Dukes creek it’s like a rite of passage to get skunked up there a few times which has happened to me.

I got up there around 11:30am and fished section 1 and boy it was hot. I started out with a nymph and egg dropper with no luck, but then switched to an olive king nymph. I ended up missing 1, then I finally hooked up and landed a 10″ bow out of a small run. Granted it’s not one of the bruisers I’ve seen up there at Dukes it still felt good finally landing a fish up there. A few casts later I hooked up with another one that came off. I moved upstream some and scared a good 18″ fish off. I moved up to another hole and missed 4 different strikes on dry flies which was about to dive me crazy. After that it came time to head back home, but it was a great day especially catching that bow. Which has made for a great couple of days; Anna and I went and saw Jimmy Buffett in Nashville, we celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary yesterday, then all that today.





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