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Lake Lanier Fun

Got a chance to hit up Lake Lanier today for a little warm water action. I haven’t been on the water for a couple of weeks so it was nice to wet a line. I started throwing a Stealth Bomber Tube fly and was real pleased with it’s action. I’m going to be excited to take that to Hilton Head this summer, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be tearing up some fish with it. I eventually switched up to a yellow PMX and nailed a nice bream with it. Unfortunately where I was fishing there are plenty of fish but you have to be patient to get some good ones. When I first got out there I chummed up some bread hoping to bring some carp in and as luck would have it, it worked. I had 2 carp just going to town nosing around. So I switched to an egg pattern and had one come and look at it, but he wasn’t having anything to do with it. So I switched to a Y2K and thankfully I was able to put it right on the fish right on the bottom. He was rooting around and I gave it a little twitch and he sucked it up…FISH ON!!! When I set the hook on this guy, he took on across the cove and was into the backing before I knew it. He did that 2 more times running into the backing and then fought like crazy in the shallows before I could grab him. I got a couple pics of him and let him swim off safely. I ended up hooking into one more before I finished for the day, but didn’t get a good hook set on him. What made everything better was I caught and landed him my Wright and McGill 7wt glass rod. All in all it was a great day landed the first Golden Bone of the day.





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