Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

Hooch Fishing

Got a chance to hit the hooch the past couple of days once over at the Dam and then at Settles. I hit the Dam with my good buddy Greg; it’s been awhile since we’ve gone fishing since he moved to South Africa, once he got home we knew it was time do some fishing. We decided to fish up around the ramp, which afterwards we both remembered why not to fish up around the ramp. One being it’s usually crowded another being the fact that the rocks are super slick. If you don’t have a tube or boat, you almost need studs and a staff. We made it through without getting soaked, which is always a good thing. We both ended up with bringing one a piece to hand, both were browns which are always good.

Yesterday, I hit up Settles bridge after work for a little bit. It got started quickly when I brought one good size bow to hand. Then I had another fish hook up but after a few good tugs he was gone. I ended up bringing another brown to hand before the rains came. So all in all 2 to hand and one LDR.






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