Fly Fishing, Fly tying, Mountain Biking

Settles Bridge 8.20.11

I got to hit the Hooch today around Settles Bridge…man it was nice to be on the water again. It was definitely a hot one, I was glad to have my Simms Convertible waders which makes it much cooler. I started at one of my honey holes and I must say that today wasn’t one of it’s better days. It did produce me a one brown, it took five or six good drifts I got to watch him rise and chase it a few times before he took my EHC. I tried this hole with not much luck and decided to move up stream to another spot. One my first good cast I missed my indicator going down, so I shot another long cast and hooked up. This time I brought in good rainbow trout. I tried a little more at this hole with no luck and decided to do some exploring up above the bridge. I found a few good holes that I’ll have to try next time I get to go up there.





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