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Wright & McGill 6’6″ 5wt 4 Piece

I just finished refinishing a Wright & McGill 6’6″ 5wt 4 piece Fiberglass Fly Rod. I’ve had it sitting in the basement and just haven’t had the time to really work on it. So this past week I started working on it, I decided to try something different with the thread. I originally wanted to alternate 2 different colors on each wrap, but when I purchased the thread I bought 2 different sizes. I also didn’t want to just do a trim wrap or the spiral wrap that I’ve done in the past, so this time I did a spiral wrap up and a spiral wrap down. I used a larger black thread and a smaller red thread that was the spiral. When I put the finish on the red almost went translucent and was a happy surprise.

A close up of the thread work and single-foot guide.


I also added in a feather inlay down near the grip.


So far this rod looks great I’ve got to get a replacement tip top for it then it will be ready for the water. I think this will be a fun small stream rod especially for it’s size, it has Dukes Creek written all over it.




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