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Buford Dam 9.18.11

Got a chance to hit the dam this morning; when I got out there I strung up my Wright & McGill 6’6″ 5wt that I just refinished. I got strung up and got down to the water and it looks like the lake is turning over. That always makes for rough fishing, so I started out with a copper John and a egg pattern. I lost that rig and saw a riser so I switched to a Doculator and pheasant tail. With still no luck, I moved down to Bowman’s island and switched back to a copper John and hooked up with this guy…


I few casts later I got this guy again on the CJ…


I ended up trying the CJ a few more casts and switched to Hooch Hopper and got one to rise and about the time I grabbed the leader and he came off. After that it was time to head home, so all in all a great day on the water.




One response

  1. Looks like a fantastic trip. Jealous!

    September 18, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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