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Chasing tail…

…and getting some action. Hit the flats early this morning in hopes of finding some tailing reds. I got to the flat as the sun came up and the tide was starting to flood the flat.


I waited a good hour and was getting eaten alive by bugs before the flat started to come alive. Finally with enough patience I finally had a tailer in casting distance. I cast my shrimp Razmatazz over to it…


…the fly landed right next to him, he spun around and with a quick strip set, FISH ON!!!! After a great fight with some knuckle busting runs and getting tangled in the grass I finally landed this guy. Took a quick picture and sent him on his way. One great way to start a Sunday…


I ended up seeing only one more tailer but it never got close enough to cast to. I must say catching a tailing red can get quite addicting…


2 responses

  1. jimboyyy

    Nice shots!!

    September 30, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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