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A lot of fishing…

And not any catching… Came home for the weekend and decided since the flats go dry during the winter, it was time to hit the home waters. The weather has been crazy here in Ga and most of the waters were blown out, so I decided to hit the hooch Tailwaters. I hit Settles by 8am and was breaking ice heading to the water. I tried Settles for a little over an hour and had no luck and no prospects for anything. So I decided to switch to the Dam and give it a try. I fished there for about an hour and only saw one riser and nobody catching fish. By 1030, it was time to pack it up. I will say it was great to hit the water, although it was cold as can be. It was 33 degrees on the way to the river…



From Trout Bum to Salt Life

This weekend was a big weekend for me…first and foremost come Wednesday I’ll be moving to Charleston, SC! My wife recently moved up there to finish her bachelors degree and I’ve had to wait until I found a job to get up there and those prayers were answered last week. So I wanted to get as much trout fishing in this weekend as I could. Yesterday I hit Buford dam for most of the day and was covered by bait chuckers. With all the crowd though I still ended up with around 8 or 9 to hand and missed at least that many.



Most came on a soft hackle, so last night I made sure to tie up some more.


Today I hit settles bridge and it was a good thing I tied up those soft hackles last night…I picked up 8 today on a size 20 hares ear SH. All in all it was a great weekend, now to the lowcountry for some redfish.







The proof is…

The proof is in the pudding, hit the dam today with a new fly for some testing. The wind was blowing something terrible all day, plus it was well in the high 90s all day. Thankfully with a long sleeve SPF shirt and a Hoo Rag I was able to handle the sun without getting burnt to crisp. Fishing was slow most of the day I hooked into 4 fish and had 2 hang around for pictures. I ended missing a good bit as well. I hooked 2 with my zebra midge that I coat with CCG and the other 2 on my CCG Copper John. All in all a great day on the water.





Hooch Fishing

Got a chance to hit the hooch the past couple of days once over at the Dam and then at Settles. I hit the Dam with my good buddy Greg; it’s been awhile since we’ve gone fishing since he moved to South Africa, once he got home we knew it was time do some fishing. We decided to fish up around the ramp, which afterwards we both remembered why not to fish up around the ramp. One being it’s usually crowded another being the fact that the rocks are super slick. If you don’t have a tube or boat, you almost need studs and a staff. We made it through without getting soaked, which is always a good thing. We both ended up with bringing one a piece to hand, both were browns which are always good.

Yesterday, I hit up Settles bridge after work for a little bit. It got started quickly when I brought one good size bow to hand. Then I had another fish hook up but after a few good tugs he was gone. I ended up bringing another brown to hand before the rains came. So all in all 2 to hand and one LDR.





Buford Dam 6.4.11 (Dam Hot!!!)

I got up this morning and knowing that I was low on some flies, I tied up some Olive King Nymphs, Yellow PMX and also a yellow King nymph. After helping Anna out by running some quick errands I headed out to the Dam. Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one with that idea, the parking lot was jam packed. Anyhow I got suited up and started hitting some of the usual runs with no luck. I saw a few risers here and there and wasn’t getting anything. I finally got near Bowman’s island and hooked up with my yellow King nymph. I brought the only fish to hand which was a little Brown trout. That was about the only action all day, I ended up missing a few on a yellow Humpy. All I know it was hot out there the entire time, but it was good to be out on the water again.



Buford Dam 1.21.11

I didn’t have to go into work until 1:00pm today and decided to hit the dam for a little R and R before heading in. I wanted to go to Settles today but they were releasing this morning which means that Settles isn’t any good for a few hours. With the heavy winds and only having 1 trip on the new TFO there was no doubt which rod I was going to use. It was tough fishing all day heavy winds blowing all day and it was nice and cold morning long. Thankfully my sweet wife was nice enough to buy my some Glacier Gloves with the fold over mitts, so my hands were pretty warm throughout the morning. As for the fishing it was tough, there very few risers all morning and I hit all the usual holes with no success. I finally landed 1 little bow on a Bowman’s Gnat; Finally around noon I headed back to the car and decided to call it a day, I spoke to 2 other guys fishing and they didn’t have any luck at all.

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas finally has come and gone and it was a blast of a weekend. It started off by getting off work early on Friday and going to do a little fishing, I was going to go to Buford Dam, but unfortunately it was closed so I went to Settles Bridge. Lake Lanier has finally finished turning over so the water was back to its good clear self, I got to the river around 230pm and I saw a good bit of risers and a midge hatch going. I thought for sure its a going to be big a numbers day, but unfortunately all the risers were on the other side of the river that I couldn’t get it. I threw everything I could at them and couldn’t buy a bite. I finally landed one on an Orange Depth Charge and another on a flashback hare’s Ear variation. On my way out I saw Wet Fly from NGTO, he was fishing above the bridge and said he caught a good bit on a size 22 Bowman’s Gnat(note to self tie up some Bowman’s Gnats). Even though I didn’t catch much it was great to get out there. ¬†On Saturday Christmas came, and Anna and I headed up to my folks house in Dahlonega. We opened up all of our gifts and ate a good lunch and recieved one of the best gifts of the year SNOW. Now for those of you not from GA, its been well over 100 years since our last White Christmas here. So it was a blast getting to share this wonderful surprise with Anna; After my parents house, we headed back to Flowery Branch and did Christmas with Anna’s family and then finally headed back to our house for our Christmas. After all the gifts were opened and enough food to last for weeks we enjoyed just watching the snow fall. After it was all said and done we had 3″ accumulated which was absolutely beautiful. Today, once the roads cleared up I went to fish Island Ford on the Chattahoochee for the first time. When I got there I met 2FlyGuy and JoeA from NGTO and we all hit the river. With 2FlyGuy being our guide he got us immediately into some fish. I hooked up with a beautiful 14″ bow and kept hooking into bows the rest of the afternoon. The fish of the day turned out to be an Island Ford Brown(carp) about 20″ that I pulled out of a run with Y2K. Once my toe’s started to lose all feeling I headed back to the car. All in all I probably brought 8 or 9 to hand, LDR 3 and missed to many to count. It was one heck of a Christmas weekend and I wish it wouldn’t end.

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