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Mobile Fly Tying….

Mobile fly tying at its best…as I mentioned last week, I recently purchased a Windsor 8 drawer wooden tool chest, well this past weekend I got to fill it up with a good bit of my fly tying material. As I said this is no Gerstner in material or craftsmanship but for under $100 you can’t beat it. So here is a breakdown of how I set up from top to bottom…


Top Shelf – EP Fibers, vise base, Superglue, Ultrawire rack, Clear Cure Goo Syringes and other miscellaneous items, I’ve also got the painting Anna did for me and I’ve added a felt covered piece of foam for a drying spot for finished flies.

Top Left Drawer – 35 spools of thread and floss

Top Right Drawer – this is the drawer I added the dowel rods and I’ve got my vinyl d-rib, tinsel, lead wire, and extra ultra wire


2nd Left Drawer – since 90% of my tying is saltwater now, this drawer has a my rabbit strips, rubber legs and some chenille


2nd Right Drawer – Flash


3rd Left Drawer – hooks, beads, eyes


3rd Right Drawer – Tools, bobbins, scissors, whip finisher, hackle pliers


4th Row Large Drawer – Feathers


5th Row Large drawer – vise, rubber bead mat, bobbin cradle, 3 hook assortments, mono for weed guards, CCG Light, SHAN, Silly Putty, toothbrush


As you can tell, you can fit a good bit of material, this definitely something you could carry to the campsite or vacation if you needed or in my case to keep from taking up to much room.