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A new beginning…

Life is funny and in the past year as you’ve seen on this blog I moved from my home state of Georgia to Charleston, SC, now with this move we downsized from our townhouse to an apartment. Now with this downsize I’ve gone from a basement where my fly tying area was a desk, book shelf and pretty much the entire basement to needing something that can be out of sight out of mind. So I searched the Internet for some ideas on what to do because I live by the creed of “happy wife happy life” and when the wife says she wants my fly tying gear to be neat and easy to put away that’s what she gets. The first thing I thought was to get a Rubbermaid but its not very organized but I liked the idea of a chest of sorts. I remember seeing on NGTO people using a Gerstner Machinist Chest for fly tying so I started looking at those. I must say they are gorgeous pieces of woodwork and the prices for them are very much right on, which is expensive. So I looked into restoring one which was still an expensive move so I started looking into imitation machinist chest and found this Windsor 8 drawer tool chest. The price was right so I got one ordered. Once it got in I started checking it out and planning how I was going to setup and the first thing I noticed the top two drawers had little dividers that will be perfect for thread, ultra wire, or even d rib spools. So the first thing I decided was to add some dowel rods to one of the dividers so I can just pull off what I need and cut it off.



After that was done, time to add some stickers for some flair. First you got to represent Southern Culture on the Fly, Simms and I’m waiting on Patagonia to hook me up. Next I’m going to have get some Fiberglass Manifesto stickers to add the box. The last and most important is on the next run back home I’ll have to get it stocked and ready to start tying. Especially since I made some new fly boxes ready to be filled for some redfish flies.