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It’s getting crabby in here…

Here are some recent flies I’ve tied up lately…







Workout of the Day…


It’s the time of year again…we are vacation at Hilton Head Island! It’s been a great week so far, lots of beach fun, relaxing, and plenty of eating. One annual tradition is the annual guys fishing trip and in Hilton Head, the primary target is shark. Now last year was a hard trip, with not much action and very rough seas. This year was a complete turn around, the water was almost like glass and we had fish biting. After catching some bait, we had one bite, but he got off. We had that happen again, before we had a solid hookup. Gregory had the first good fish, a Black Tip Shark probably well over 5′ long. He put on a show, jumping 3 or 4 times and a couple of blistering runs. Now before we got started Gregory told the guide he wanted something that could tear his arm off, I think that this fish heard him, because he was giving Gregory a run for his money. After a good long fight, he got him to the boat, we got a couple of pics and the shark bit through the leader and was gone. Now, it was my turn, my first try we must have foul hooked him. The reel was screaming, then nothing, I pulled in the line and the bait didn’t have a scratch. So we rerigged and had another good pull down. This time I made sire that I set the hook in deep and the fight was on. Let me tell you, when I say it was battle, I’m not lying. This thing wasn’t letting up, I’d let it run, start pulling and cranking and we went back and fourth. Finally, I started making some progress and got a look at this monster and it was no fish…sure enough I hooked about a 4.5′ wide 100+lbs stingray!! Of everything in the ocean, I hook up with a stingray; after getting a look at him, it went back down and it was on again. This time I was pulling and nothing wad happening, the guide figured that the ray, had settled on the bottom. So he started playing with the line like it’s a banjo and he said “that will get him going…” and sure enough started moving. So we fought back and fourth a little more and, brought him back to the boat and we finally popped the line, because no one in the boat wanted to reach down for that hook. 2 down and 1 to go, now it was time to get Anna’s dad on to a fish. After a few tries he finally hooked up. After another good long fight he brought another Black Tip to the boat. Again pushing well over 5 or 6′ long. All in all it was a great day, no seasickness for me and we all boated one. The best thing is we still haves fe more days of vacation to relax.