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Buford Dam 9.12.2010

Today I got the chance to hit Buford Dam for a few hours. I got all suited up and made sure this time to bring my net. Earlier this week I tied up a new pattern that needed testing, the Depth Charge Soft Hackle. This thing has a monster bead for a thorax so it will get deep quick. So I started out with having the Depth Charge w/ a Zebra midge dropper. On my first cast I landed a nice brown on the SH, which got me really excited but a little nervous. Every time I catch a fish on the first cast that usually means thats the only fish for the day. So I threw another cast out there and hooked up but it came off, on my third cast I ended up bringing another little brown on the zebra midge. I missed a few more on this run and started working my way downstream. I ended up hooking up again with the SH, but couldn’t get a picture of the bow. I ended up seeing Slowstreamer and MariettaMike from . They both said they caught a good bit, but sure enough when we were no more than 100′ apart with fish rising all around we had no hookups. After being frustrated I kept moving towards Bowman’s Island, I ended up catching another small brown on the SH, and missing a few more. I got down to the Island and hooked up with 2 more but, couldn’t get them landed. Once down there I switched to an Orange PMX #10 and landed a beautiful rainbow. I missed one at the very end of the run and tried a few cast later and hooked up with the same fish, a nice 17″ rainbow. After a good fight and me having to climb a boulder and back into the water, I pulled the ned out and landed it. I took a few pics and got him to swim off on its own. I continued working my way downstream with no luck, so back upstream we went. I ended up hooking into another small brown on the PMX. I ended up in the first run where I caught the first 2 and landed one more brown on the way out. So all in all a great day fishing, landed some fish on the new pattern and redeemed myself from last weekend with the big bow.

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