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A lot of fishing…

And not any catching… Came home for the weekend and decided since the flats go dry during the winter, it was time to hit the home waters. The weather has been crazy here in Ga and most of the waters were blown out, so I decided to hit the hooch Tailwaters. I hit Settles by 8am and was breaking ice heading to the water. I tried Settles for a little over an hour and had no luck and no prospects for anything. So I decided to switch to the Dam and give it a try. I fished there for about an hour and only saw one riser and nobody catching fish. By 1030, it was time to pack it up. I will say it was great to hit the water, although it was cold as can be. It was 33 degrees on the way to the river…



This is awesome…

How many of y’all can do this??? Walk from your front door right to the flat, this guy right here can. I checked out this flat last weekend and hit it today hoping to find some late season redfish. Sure enough after about 30 min without seeing much action I saw a disturbance in the water. I threw my crab fly out there and over shot it a bit, but he turned around and smashed it. After a good fight I landed this guy right here…


He stayed around for a few pics and I let him go. I ended up seeing one more red due to almost stepping on him and that was it for the day. One fish to hand, landed on a fiberglass rod and it made one heck of a day…

Chasing tail…

…and getting some action. Hit the flats early this morning in hopes of finding some tailing reds. I got to the flat as the sun came up and the tide was starting to flood the flat.


I waited a good hour and was getting eaten alive by bugs before the flat started to come alive. Finally with enough patience I finally had a tailer in casting distance. I cast my shrimp Razmatazz over to it…


…the fly landed right next to him, he spun around and with a quick strip set, FISH ON!!!! After a great fight with some knuckle busting runs and getting tangled in the grass I finally landed this guy. Took a quick picture and sent him on his way. One great way to start a Sunday…


I ended up seeing only one more tailer but it never got close enough to cast to. I must say catching a tailing red can get quite addicting…

Turned 30 today…

And it was one heck of a birthday…to get things started my wife once again out did herself and surprised me with a guided trip from LowCountry Fly with ScottyD…and I must say for those of you that haven’t taken a trip with Scotty your missing out…the first flat we hit and there were tailers everywhere…unfortunately they were being a little hardheaded, but after a bunch shots I hooked up…and sure enough landed my first red on the fly…that hookup I’ll never forget…we tried for a bunch more no dice…we hit a few more flats and landed a trout…we tried one last spot and hooked up with another one and he tore off into the grass as we followed and he u-turned out into the flat and broke me off…all in all it was a trip I’ll never forget…







From Trout Bum to Salt Life

This weekend was a big weekend for me…first and foremost come Wednesday I’ll be moving to Charleston, SC! My wife recently moved up there to finish her bachelors degree and I’ve had to wait until I found a job to get up there and those prayers were answered last week. So I wanted to get as much trout fishing in this weekend as I could. Yesterday I hit Buford dam for most of the day and was covered by bait chuckers. With all the crowd though I still ended up with around 8 or 9 to hand and missed at least that many.



Most came on a soft hackle, so last night I made sure to tie up some more.


Today I hit settles bridge and it was a good thing I tied up those soft hackles last night…I picked up 8 today on a size 20 hares ear SH. All in all it was a great weekend, now to the lowcountry for some redfish.







The proof is…

The proof is in the pudding, hit the dam today with a new fly for some testing. The wind was blowing something terrible all day, plus it was well in the high 90s all day. Thankfully with a long sleeve SPF shirt and a Hoo Rag I was able to handle the sun without getting burnt to crisp. Fishing was slow most of the day I hooked into 4 fish and had 2 hang around for pictures. I ended missing a good bit as well. I hooked 2 with my zebra midge that I coat with CCG and the other 2 on my CCG Copper John. All in all a great day on the water.





Dukes Creek Heaven

Hit Dukes Creek this afternoon and this was by far one the best days of trout fishing ever. I hooked up with well over 30 fish and probably landed around 20. Most were bows and a few suckers. I hooked up with a bruiser that went a couple good runs and went to land him and a quick release. Never in my life have a needed a net as much as today. What made it better, I was using a my 6’6″ Wright & McGill 5 wt glass rod. It was a great day, I can’t wait to hit it up again.